Heal at Home Caregiver

Heal at Home Caregiver

“With live-in Caregiver/Aya!”

Holistic Healthcare Services provides you quality, compassionate and professional care at home. We offer in-home care services with the help of a multi-disciplinary team. Our team consists of licensed caregivers and aya. These professionals can take care of sick patients at home. Fortunately, with years of experience, we are the name of the trust. We offer services like private home caregivers/aya services for your elderly and Caregiver/aya for a disabled or ill adult.

You can avail of our services in cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad and many more. Our trained professionals help with daily activities like toileting, dressing, or medication.  We aim to provide high standards of care to help a person live an independent and safe life at home.

Compassionate & Qualified In-Home Caregiver/Aya Services in Pakistan

We take pride in working with qualified and certified caregivers/aya in Pakistan. Our staff is passionate to deliver the highest quality healthcare services in Pakistan. Therefore, they consistently deliver unmatchable elderly care and hospice care at home. They coordinate with the general physicians and specialists for each care plan. Our services include advanced care coordination, initial evaluation, creation, and short-and long-term care plans.
Our caregiver/aya staff undergoes regular training for personal care aides. Moreover, they learn about home health care basics and special care for disabled or critically ill patients at home. Therefore, they can provide services like vital sign monitoring. Our caregivers can also help with re-order or medication pickup, set up a medication regimen, and track adherence to the schedule.

When do you need us?

We know there are times when you get stuck in life matters. This can be a work emergency or a meeting in your kid’s schools. But at such times, you cannot leave the elderly or sick unattended. Hence, these are times when you will need assistance and professional help. Fortunately, we can help keep a balance in life while taking care of your loved one.

We know that elderly care is incomplete without compassion. Hence, our professional caregiver/aya service in Pakistan cares for your loved ones. They strive to look after the sick and elder with compassion. Moreover, we strive to make them feel comfortable and secure right inside the home. In the meantime, the senior Nursing managers will supervise the nurses. This way, you can get the best professional assisted care for your elder at home.

You may also need the assistance of our Caregiver or Aya for:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Room Organization
  • Body Massage
  • Companionship & Socialization
  • Positioning and Mobility Assistance.
  • Meal Preparation and Eating Assistance
  • Toileting and Bathing Assistance
  • Body hygiene Maintenance
  • Dressing and Grooming
  • Diaper Changing

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Choose Caregiver/AYA Services for Homecare:

The years of experience are the reason for the trust you can have in our caregiving services in Pakistan. We are working with a dedicated team, providing seamless services and professional assistance to a wide range of health problems. Holistic Healthcare Services serves in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Islamabad. Luckily, we are helping our clients with varying levels of care for their loved ones. We can help you with issues due to age, chronic conditions, degenerative disorders, or mobility. We are offering highly qualified, experienced professionals who will treat your loved one as a family.
Moreover, we strive to preserve dignity while enriching the quality of life. The aim is to empower independence in older people.

Choose Caregiver/AYA Services if you want:

  • Professional and compassionate care services at home
  • Experienced, certified, and trained professionals
  • Friendly, affordable, prompt, and personalized medical care
  • Avail care in the environment of your choice
  • 24×7 days home caregiver/aya services