Private Medical Attendants

Private Medical Attendants

 At Your Doorstep”

From elders to mentally and physically disabled kids, there are times we all need helping hands. This is a hand to manage our lives while taking care of our loved ones- side by side. 

This is why Holistic Healthcare Services has dedicated its resources and time to offer you the best possible aid. Indeed, we are doing this by providing certified medical attendants at home.

Therefore if your old parents need attention or someone is suffering from a chronic disease – we are here to help. Reach us now to hire professional health care help.

Trusted Nursing Attendants at Home

Holistic Healthcare Services offers handpicked, trained, and certified caregivers and medical care professionals in Pakistan.

Indeed, these professionals offer assistance with patient’s mobility, feeding, maintaining hygiene, and medical first aid in case of emergencies. The professional bedside nursing care at home will help you with:

  • Bed bath, sponge bath, or oral hygiene maintenance
  • Feeding and bathroom assistance
  • Assistance in exercise and walking
  • Turing position for bedridden elderly
  • A friendly and reliable companionship with polite conversation
  • Monitoring sugar, BP, and temperature
  • Check on doctor’s appointments.
  • General and grocery shopping trips

We at Holistic Healthcare Services strive to offer high-quality elder care services in Pakistan. Notably, our staff is dedicated for developing a feeling of liberty in an individual with any physical or mental limitation, with this intention in mind, the professionals are trained to offer a cozy and comfortable companionship.

Provided that, they provide round-the-clock attention and care to your loved ones.  Notably, all of our in-home patient attendants specialize in optimum patient care.

They are proudly serving in all parts of Pakistan. Currently, we are operating in cities like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot.

When do you need our Medical Attendants?

We take pride in working side by side with the best medical attendants in Pakistan. In that way, we guarantee to offer exceptional private care to those in need.

With us, you can get all the professional medical help in the comfort of your home. Moreover, the experienced team can help your patient with everything from grooming, medical care, and companionship at its best. So by all means, you can share the requirement with us.

Rest assured, we will provide you with the best of our professionally trained attendants for 12 to 24 hours or more. By the same token, you can hire our professionals for:

Eldercare – Have an elderly at your home who needs constant care and attention? Hire a professional to look after all of their needs.

They will assist elders with all the love, care, and delicacy they deserve. Call now UAN # 03 111 678 679 to get our 12 to 24 hours trained attendant service at home.

Lifestyle & health management – Never stay back in your life due to any recent sickness, or medical treatment. Our medical attendants are specialized to serve for physical or mental disabilities.

Hire our professional help to get your daily chores done without depending on anyone else around you.

Post-surgery support – Are you looking after someone who had recently undergone surgery? So, leave the stress of keeping track of medication, doctor’s appointments, diet, rest, track of vitals to our trained medical attendants. Just sit back, watching your loved one recovering with a smile.

Choose our medical attendants:

We offer you the most exceptional and compassionate private care at home. We take pride in serving thousands of customers across Pakistan.

Of course, all of our attendants are supervised by senior doctors and nurses. Plus, they are well trained and educated before they serve at your home. With that said, our professionals are the best medical attendants in Pakistan.