Food and wine pairing: 8 tips from a Master Sommelier

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Food and wine pairing: 8 tips from a Master Sommelier

One of the key principles of the best pairing is to understand:

Both the food and the wine it serves by analyzing its key components to enhance the dining experience.
The idea is to find the right balance where food and wine are not overridden.


1. The taste of wine is subjective.

Think about your personal preferences before reading about the best food and wine pairings. A good choice if you like jumpsuits.


2. Always Balance the Power of Taste.

Combine soft food with sweet wine or combine rich food with rich wine.

Try it at home. The citrus sweet-and-sour taste is topped with semi-dried rice of similar origin, and the creamy sauce adds a buttery rich buttery Chardonnay flavor.


3. Acid and acid combination.

If you eat acidic dishes (such as goat's cheese or fried lettuce), pair it with a sour wine, such as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, to adjust the acidity of the food.

4. Pairing with the most dominant taste of food.

In general, wine should be eaten with meat and fish. However, the actual taste can greatly depend on the sauce and method of preparation. For example, if you're serving duck in a fruit sauce like cherry or orange, choose a wine with bold tannins like Rhône Rouge.


5. Wine and Spices.

Combining wine with Indian or Chinese food can be very difficult as strong spices can compete and spoil the taste of the wine. Perhaps only a non-dried crown ring would go well with a non-spicy curry. In general, German-style wines go well with Asian cuisine.


6. Compare the taste of dessert and dessert wine.

You can create your own balance by combining two contrasting flavors.

For example, the sweetness of Pedro Simenes, reminiscent of Morakes, contrasts with the freshness of vanilla ice cream, the richness of tartetin and the crunchy, delicious Chenin Blanc.


7. There is no mistake in the combination of food and wine.

Don't think it's a mistake if the wine doesn't go well with the pairing dish. This will help you decide the next time you cook the same dish.

It's good to try new and more adventurous combinations. Unconventional, but you can find your favorite combination. This makes food and wine pairings so exciting!


8. If you don't know...

In many cases, it is safer to combine products from the same region as wine. What could be better than Jura wine for a good story?