Speech & Occupational Therapy Services

Speech & Occupational Therapy Services

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Speech Therapy & Occupational therapy is a treatment that involves increasing individuals’ skills in accessing activities in daily life. Highly trained professionals offer these services. They are typically known as Speech and Occupational therapists.

We take pride in working with the best speech and language pathologist in Pakistan. With that said, we offer packages for economical occupation and Speech-language pathologists at home.

According to age, our language therapy services are specific to children and adults’ needs and other traits. These treatments support individuals with cognitive, and sensory disabilities.

As a result, the individual becomes independent across all activities in their lives. Moreover, the OT also helps the kids with varying needs to improve the sensory and motor skills. As a result, they will enjoy new levels of confidence to perform well at school and in their daily life.

Speech & Occupational therapy services in Pakistan

Our speech and occupation therapy services start with the assessment by experts. To do so, our trained occupational therapist will visit your home and meet the particular individual. After a one-to-one session, they will articulate a particular therapy plan. These plans will explain the treatments, support therapies, timeline, cost of services, and results. The assessment will also include an evaluation of the type of communication disorder.

The OT support will serve you in the following manners:

  • Development of fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Development of cognitive skills that will result in better problem-solving abilities
  • Enhancing social skills and communication at different levels

When do you need us?

Speech and Occupation therapy services are both for adults and children. Each work with a different pattern and offer you different results.

To do the job, we have OT professionals for children and adults. The reason is to ensure that the individual is comfortable with the OT therapist and can communicate with them. These professionals are compassionate and prefer to work closely with the patient by developing an emotional relationship.

Speech and OT therapy for children

Do you need an OT or Speech therapist for kids at home? We offer your private services at your home. By that, we mean that your kid will get one-to-one attention. Hence there are better chances to recover. Indeed the professional will communicate with the child in a private session and evaluate the disorders.

Later, they will suggest the treatment to you and explain all the needful. Indeed, these services will be according to the age, disorder, and other specifications of the child.

During the therapy, the speech therapist will interact via playing, talking, and using imagery aids like pictures and videos. To be specific, it will stimulate language development. Besides, the parents or caregivers will also get the strategies and homework for speech therapy at home.

Speech and OT therapy for Adults

In adult cases, it all begins with the assessment to determine the needs and the most appropriate treatments. In particular, speech therapies for adults help with language, speech, and cognitive-communication.

To do so, the therapy includes retraining basic body movement in case of a medical condition or injury.

Moreover, it deals with treating issues like oral cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and other issues that cause swallowing difficulties. In this case, the treatment involves memory, problem-solving, organization, and activities to enhance cognitive-communication.

As a result, the individual will enjoy improved social communication, muscle strength, language development, and more.

Choose our Speech & Occupational therapist in Pakistan

Our speech therapy services can treat a wide range of language and speech delays. It is effective for both children and adults. Moreover, with early intervention, these therapies can improve communication and boost self-confidence.

We are offering the most economical private Speech and occupational therapy services in Pakistan. Besides, with our in-home Speech and occupational therapy services, you can enjoy better time commitment.

As a result, the individual will get better attention and personalize care plans. Hence, there are higher chances of faster recovery. Here are some times when you can hire our at-home Speech and occupational therapists in Pakistan.