Mini Cheesecakes For a Crowd

cheesecake, a dessert consisting of a thick, creamy filling of cheese, eggs, and sugar over a thinner crust and topped with sweet or sometimes salty items

Mini Cheesecakes For a Crowd

Mini-cheesecakes are miniaturized versions of traditional cheesecakes, usually made in individual portion sizes.

Initially you must take digestive biscuts of 150g


The next thing you must do is to crush into fine powder


Next process is to add 1/4 cup of butter


Let us starting mixing process


Add the above mixed item into muffin liners and keep aside


300g cream cheese, whisk just until creamy, use low speed


Add half cup sugar (100g)


Take two eggs and blend


Add 1 tsp vanilla extract


Next add 1 tsp lime juice


  1. 5  tbsp flour


Blend with creamy cheese


Add into muffin liners (preheated oven – 32 F – 160 C)


After 15 minutes of baking


After chilling process


Add strawberry on top


Finally, easy mini cheesecake recipe is ready to serve!

final mini cheesecakes

History of Mini Cheesecakes

Mini-cheesecakes small size makes them well-suited to serving at parties. The mini cheesecake first appeared in upscale restaurants during the late 1960s. Cheesecakes were one of the earliest forms of baked desserts that used cream cheese, a relative newcomer to the world of cheese.

The mini cheesecake probably took its cue from the miniaturization trend that swept over American cooking in the decades before it appeared. In larger portions, cheesecake can easily become too rich and filling.

Making mini-cheesecakes is a great way to introduce children to cooking. Children can help make the crust, mix the batter, and decorate their mini-cheesecakes once they are finished baking. This also gives them a sense of ownership over the finished mini-cheesecake.

Having mini-cheesecakes at home provides a great way to control portions, especially for anyone on a diet or calorie restricted meal plan. Many mini cheesecakes are available that have very few calories compared to traditional, full sized cheesecakes.

Happy eating!